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 Punter John review: Julie

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Punter John

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Punter John review: Julie Empty
PostSubject: Punter John review: Julie   Punter John review: Julie EmptyThu Feb 12, 2009 5:11 pm

My first review on this board is sadly not gonna be a great one. Tonight I saw Julie, and man was it mediocre.

Any of you who regularly read my blog know I tend to go for the Eastern European girls, and they are usually a safe bet. Most provide an excellent service, look great, and very willing to please. I can't say Julie was a great or even good punt. Don't et me wrong, she wasn't horrible , but she lacked enthusiasm wasn't very willing to please and was a total clock watcher.

The shocking thing is... I was the only punter she had seen all day! You'd think she would have provided a better service.

Also, she has gained a bit of weight since getting her photos taken.

Now she wasn't rude, she didn't waste my time but I can't really say I got value for money. it was one of those punts where you hurry up an come because, well, she is lousy.

I wouldn't see her again, my world was in no way "rocked".

Here is Julie's profile: http://www.escort-ireland.com/7664/Julie/irish-escort.html
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Punter John review: Julie
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