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A forum to share experiences in punting and reviews of escorts.
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 Rules of this Forum

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Rules of this Forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of this Forum   Rules of this Forum EmptySun Feb 08, 2009 10:21 am

Hi All! Here are the rules for this forum.

First off, you can say anything you want. There are no "bad words".

Second, I don't want to see petty flame wars or drama queens, keep that shit on http://www.escort-ireland.com/boards/ for fucks sake.

Third, if you're posting a review give as much detail as you can remember.

Fourth, always, and I mean always post a link to the escort's advert... no matter what site you found it on.

Fifth, if you feel compelled to comment on another user's review please only discuss the review or the escort in question... don't go off topic.

Sixth, Have fun!
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Rules of this Forum
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